I once walked through a suburban village in Wenzhou, China. The area was poor and did neither benefit from the Zoo on top of the mountain nor from the commercial centre in the valley, besides being shared the trash and leftovers. I did not feel comfortable taking pictures and sharing their situation without knowing about their will. Without speaking chinese or a friend on my side to translate, I passed through and shared the experience, but not images.

The documentary LION BASE does what I couldn’t, bringing images and even more powerful: voices of those who don’t just pass through, but rise from areas that know trouble and challenge in an unmatched intensity.

“It’s not about charity, it is about sharing”




Burning Borders and Building Bridges…..
 ….. is about creating an awareness by inviting people into each other’s different realities. We are all privileged in one way or the other; be it in terms of materialistic goods or intangible assets, such as spirit, soul, joy and happiness.
We built a bridge by putting 2 extremes that at first glance do not belong together into context. We confront 2 individuals that each have 5000 to spend: the woman going to Avenue Montaigne to spend €5000 on a luxury accessory meets ‘Long life’, ‘Base’ or ‘Heaven gate’ who has SLL 5000 to spend on his next meal. When building a bridge two far extremes are what give it balance and make it stand and sustain…

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LION BASE is a documentary that provides an intimate perspective at the the raw life in the streets of postwar Freetown, Sierra Leone documenting the life of 20 youth that were living under horrendous circumstances in a gutter called LION BASE.

(Source: folorunsho.net)

FREETOWN INSIDE OUT: BERLIN EDITION- burn borders build bridges


On the night of Friday to Saturday, the #JRinsideout project hit the high-end luxury shops on west Berlin’s Kudamm, from Prada, to Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and more, not to point fingers, but to raise awareness for different realities and display the lack of balance in our society.

(Source: evewithoutadam.net)

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"I personally don’t believe in charity, as it merely creates inferiority and dependency. I believe that empowerment by providing an individual with the right tools to make changes to their lives will enable positive long lasting change."

- *folorunsho

(Source: folorunsho.net)

"Sierra Leone was my first pasting in Africa! I remember arriving at night in Freetown, going from dark to light in every corner…people were appearing and disappearing around me as I was crossing the city… When I was pasting next to the main church in Bo City, the pastor came to me and asked me why I was pasting black and white images on the wall. He looked at me and said: „Dont you have color in your country?“. I guess the significance that black & white art has in my country doesn´t have the same significance in Sierra Leone."

- JR - Artist

(Source: JR-ART.NET)


LION BASE is a documentary photo book that illustrates the creation process - and gives a revealing glimpse into the lives of the LION BASE crew - consisting of 20 struggling adolescents in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

In addition to visualizing the making-of process of the BATIK Edition, the book features a variety of unseen footage from the “Inside Out" project by street artist JR, showing the typical oversize portaits of the very same protagonists of this *folorunsho project. 

LION BASE provides an intimate perspective at (…)

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"Impossible is nothing! Possible is everything and anything unheard and unthought of, for the mere fact that everything came into existence the very same way… initiated by a simple thought… the same incomprehensible way God created us… infinite, unlimited, amazing in his own image with the ability to create anything, because everything and everybody is possible - I’M POSSIBLE"

The I’M POSSIBLE Jewelry was inspired by (…)

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K1X Sneakers by the Lion Base crew

For this project, 20 street kids from Freetown (Sierra Leone) created a stunning variety of patterns using traditional (and improvised) batik techniques. These extremely personal fabrics were then manufactured into 20 one-of-a kind sneakers each, , that will be sold exclusively at COLETTE in Paris. Each pair of the handmade pieces is absolutely unique, named after their maker and limited to 20 pairs per style (sizes 5,5 thru 12). 

The profits of this limited footwear edition go back directly to (…)

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Making of the sneakers in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Lion Base